Cathy Campbell
Marketing /Product Development
StrategyCorps, LLC
Christie Skelley
VP Operations
StrategyCorps, LLC
REFERENCES  2 REVIEW  from clients   

It is my pleasure to recommend Julie Hayes of Idea 2 Ink to anyone needing graphic design work for their business.    Julie helped me with business logo development and branding initially. Then she helped with business card/brochure design and development.   Anytime I have had a design need for advertising Julie has been involved in order to create a tasteful and effective idea to help promote our business. 

I have personally known Julie for about 10 years.   She is always punctual and fulfills any design order promptly and accurately.   Julie is easy to work with and listens well to customer needs and expectations.

Our growing company feels like her design involvement is critical to our continued development of new clients and betterment of services for all of our clients. We are very pleased with our choice of graphic designer and look forward to many more successful years in partnership.

Aaron M. Hollis, DVM

Chief Veterinarian / CEO

Providence Animal Hospital


Julie not only provides me with some of the highest quality pieces to use both online and print, she has educated me on how to be more effective with less being said.  My message is complex but she reminds me that the job I hire her to do isn’t to answer every question but to let others know that I provide solutions because I have the answers to their questions.  She truly takes my ideas and puts them to ink!  A great graphic with a few words says so much.  Working with Julie makes my marketing much easier.  Her turnaround time has allowed me to capitalize on a fast moving and changing market.  Sometimes, it’s important to be able to change the message quickly and she’s always been responsive to my small business needs

Bob Sorey

BEST  Real Estate Advisors


We have a great working relationship with Mrs. Julie (Karnuth) Hayes.  She regularly handles the majority of our advertising designs for print media purposes and does an excellent job.   She often handles the coordination with various newspapers and magazines which is also a huge benefit for us.   She is very responsive and the quality of her work is superior. I recommend her services without hesitation.

John R. Lancaster
First Freedom Bank

I have known Julie (Karnuth) Hayes for almost 25 years.   It has been my pleasure to re-connect with Julie, as professionals, to develop our advertising  at First Freedom Bank.   Julie is always very prompt in her responses and her work is exceptional.   Many times I will simply talk to her about a basic idea or concept, and in return, receive a complete  professional and effective advertisement for our company.   I would highly recommend Julie Hayes to anyone looking for prompt and professional marketing and advertising.

Luke Winchester
Vice President
First Freedom Bank


We have had the pleasure of working with Julie Hayes  and Idea 2 Ink on marketing projects for over 8 years.  Julie has worked with many different  team members on multiple projects and always does a great job.  The project  types are varied but include items like ads, brochures, membership cards and direct mail pieces.

Julie is quite creative, easy to work with and is a genuine hard worker.  The details are very important to her and she is very efficient with all of her projects.  We  always look forward to partnering with Julie on our initiatives and her input and  suggestions are helpful.

Julie has always delivered exceptional work in a very timely manner.   She has a strong work ethic and would be an excellent resource to have in the area of graphic design. for other companies like she has been for ours for years.



The Kiwanis Club of Mt Juliet was charted in 2013.  Being an autonomous club, our members wanted to use the International logo but also wanted to have our complete name included with it.  One of our members played with creating our own logo, but it just didn’t look professional.  Asking Julie for assistance kept our club on the right side of the logo use guidelines.  Like with any registered logo, there are official use guidelines and Julie knew that she must review them before beginning the design.  When she presented our board with the previews, a kind note was included.  "Although you wanted to have me clean up what a member created, it violated the use guidelines and knowing your club would be told to cease use of the logo, here are some designs that meet the use guidelines.”  It’s important to have someone like Julie to not only do good work today but also understand that the work will be judged by others tomorrow.


Mt. Juliet Kiwanis Club

Bob Sorey,  President